The Five hotel!

What it is
The Five hotel is an Hotel in Paris. This Hotel was build in 1920 and it’s the perfectly situated because it is in the neighbour of historical buildings. The Hotel was designed to stimulate every perception to a high aesthetic level.

Why it’s cool
The Hotel has five experiences which are based on your five senses: smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. You can choose between five different fragrances in your room, so it smells always how you want it. You can get a delicious breakfast by the famous bakery Monge and tea or coffee with unique flavours. The windows of your room are double-glazed so you don’t hear anything from outsite. This can help you to created an ultimate relaxing feeling. The lights in the room provide an psychedelic appearance also all the glass desks and light sculptures are a part of the wonderful appearance in the room. The decoration off the Hotel gives you a cosy feeling. This all togheter gives the consument the ultimate relaxing feeling.

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