What it is
The E-go2 is an amazing new concept by the designer Jan Dedek. The E-go2 is an ultra compact sized car. This concept fits the trend Urban Nomads. The Urban nomad is a working traveler. They are always traveling through the big cities to look for new career challenges.

Why it’s cool
This unique concept is eco friendly and is electric. This is perfect because the enviroment will not be damaged by these cars. And this is necessary because the enviroment is more and more polluted. These car are not only good for the environment but also to avoid congestion. This is great for the Urban Nomads. They can travel in a compact sized car and they will have no problems with parking it. You can not buy the E-go2 but you have to rent it. In the city there will be a couple of renting points. If you need this car for a few ours you can bring it back to a rentel point and you only paid for these ours, so not for a whole day. You can pay by credit card. This is very useful because you don’t have to buy a car. This product is awesome for the Urban Nomads. They can park easily, it will save money, it brings you everywhere you want in a short time and when it’s raining you have a roof above your head. The sooner this concept will be realised the better it is!

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