‘Het eetcafe’ Youth food movement

What is it?

The subject what I’m mostly riding about is the fact that we don’t know where are product come from. When you open your fridge do you ever think: ‘Hmm who made that chees or yogurt? I found another great way to find out where your food comes from called ‘Het Eetcafé’. This is the online and offline hangout for farmers and citizens. It’s a site where the famers and consumers meat and talk about the thing that connects us all.. Food. This is a place where people get to know each other, ask questions and discuss because food is the one thing that connects us all.

Why it’s cool?
How often do you get the change to talk to the person that is responsible for the food in your fridge? You have the chance to ask the farmers anything about their products, that’s what makes this such a great initiative and most off all transparent. I think this has growth potential because it’s getting more important to us where our products come from. We care about our products and we want good, clean and fair food. I think this is an amazing opportunity to learn about your food. It also connects us and I think that’s something we should value.

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