What it is
Urban Nomads are working travelers. They are always traveling through the big cities to look for new career challenges. It’s very important that Urban Nomads are always online. The Ipavement is a new design by a Spanish company. The Ipavement is a sort of information platform underground and it will gives you a lot of opportunities.

Why it’s cool
The Ipavement is a wonderful system for tourists or people like the Urban Nomads. It works via wifi and bleutooth. The people who past this underground system can get any information they want for example: citymaps, tourist information, events that taking place in the neighbourhood and other services. The Ipavement also offers a lot of applications that consits a virtual libary, all kind of music and information about the public traffic. With this product you never have to worry about the wifi systems in the city, you have now all the information you need with the Ipavement.

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