The Scarlet Hotel!

What it is
The Scarlet Hotel is an Hotel in Cornwall, UK. The Hotel is designed by the Scarlet team in cooperartion with Harrison Sutton Partnership and the building team Bauwerk.  The Scarlet Hotel is located on a cliff at the coast of Cornwall. The fundamental idea of the the Hotel is: respect for the nature. They want to create an unique and sustainable building.

Why it’s cool
The Scarlet is a luxury eco hotel. Everything is about sustainability. This hotel has an amazing spa, a delicious restaurant and gorgeous design rooms. But the most important thing, the hotel is eco friendly. They have three core values to manage their waste: reduce, reuse and recycle. The garbage that they make is reduced to a minimum. Every object that can be reused will be reused. They recycle all the items that they use, for example: cans, candle wax, plastic and tins. The hotel also have an electric car charging point, solar panels to heat the indoor swimming pool, a biomass boiler and a naturel ventilation system and much more. Sustainability is more and more important nowadays. The hotel stimulates the constumers to be more green. It also gives the people who lives sustainable a chance to enjoy a luxury eco hotel. The Scarlet Hotel gives there costumers the ultimate package!

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