Skin Monitor!

What it is
Unfortunately, too many people have to deal with the consequences of skin cancer. But from now on,  you can be there prematurely. You can identify skin cancer by using this new application. With the ‘ skin monitor’ you can verify if your mole is malignant.

Why it’s cool
The application consists of four options: check, follow, people and a reminder. The first stap is: Check, in this stage the user will take a picture of their mole and compare it with the imagery that the app contains For every mole image there is a description.

The tracking function will keep an eye on the mole, to see if it changes. There are several areas in the app where the moles are saved. The application allows to keep moles of each family member. The notification feature of Skin Monitor allows the user automatically every so remember to check the skin. Besides, the notification feature of Skin Monitor automatically allows the user every remember to check the skin.

Every ones in a while, the notification feature of Skin Monitor allows the user to remember to check their skin. If the mole looks suspicious, the app will give you the advise to visit the doctor.

This application is a wonderfull development because a lot of people don’t like to go to the doctor. This app gives you more certainty about your health and it warns you when you have to take measures.

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