Tulip Bath!

What it is
This is a new design by Piotr Pyrtek. It is a bath and shower in one. The Tulip bath is a shower when it’s closed and is a bath when it’s open. The tulip bath is especially designed for small bathrooms because it takes less space. The design is inspired on the nature, you can see that by the sculpture because when it pops it looks like a flower. The colour of the bath is green which is the main colour of the nature.

Why it’s cool
The tulip bath gives you an extremely relaxing feeling. In the bath there is a scent systeem that you can adjust to your own taste. The fragrances that you can choose are the aroma of different flowers. It also have a hydro massagers for your back and underwater jets. All this together gives you the optimal relax feeling. The tulip bath is the a amazing product because the consumer can escape from his/her busy daily life. All those things together gives you the ultimate relaxing expierence.

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