Clearview Residence

What it is.
The clearview residence is a house which is designed by Altius Architecture. It’s located in Clearview, Canada. The special thing about the house is that it is completely sustainable.

Why it’s cool.
This amazing house is perfect for people who likes silence and rest. Around the house there are a lot of woodlands and there is a beautiful pond. But the amazing thing about the house is that it is sustainable. The designer has used many sustainable techniques. For example the pond has a geothermal heating system and the watersystem in the house is a recycling system. The furnitures are produced locally. Besides the sanitary facilities are using not much energy, as they usually do. The house contains also low energy lighting and appliances, a Heat Recovery Ventilation and a  Passive Solar Heating. If this would be the house where people will live in, in the future, the environment will be much better!

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