Ad makeover!

What it is
Research has shown that only 4% of all the women are happy with there body. These results are extremely low and that’s the reason why Dove designed the Ad makeover! This is a concept target negative thoughts. You can use the Ad makeover is an application through Facebook!

Why it’s cool
Every woman knows the thoughts: My bum is to0 thick, My hair is a mess, I hate my love handles and I have so much wrinkels.. These thoughts come and go every day through a women mind. With the help of this amazing concept, women all over the world will be a little bit more secure!

This is how it works:
-You selected a message (Hello Beautiful, the perfect bum is where your sitting on, be your beautiful self)
-Choose who you want to send it to (your best friends, your mother)
-Your message will be sent to this insecure women
-This message will make these women more secure for a moment!

I think this application is wonderfull, because every women have their ‘bad’ moments. Through this way, you feel more secure and it you will have a feel good moment.

The little things in life, make the difference..

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