Dutch Design Week 2012!

Every year there is a Dutch Design week(DDW)  in the city Eindhoven. Many designers, design agencies, manufacturers in the design industry, knowledge institutes and cultural institutions from the Netherlands come together to show their designs, products and amazing experiments at the DDW.

This year already was the eleventh edition of this great event. You can not only view the products, designs and experiments, you can also visit different expositions, participate at several workshops and go to many lectures.

Last Thursday I went to the Dutch Design week with the girls of my own company LOOK! We are a beginning company in the sector appearance. We went to the DDW to see all the beginning/young designers and ofcourse to be inspired. It was a very exciting and inspiring day,

Especially the Graduation show was inspiring. The Graduation show was made by the ‘ Design Academy Eindhoven’. The Exposition consists 139 works that 130 students have created. Some of the students used  different fabrics and different colour contrasts, these examples we can use perfectly for the company. Many perspectives, innovative products and different subjects that the students had, inspired me the most.

I think the Dutch Design week is a very important and great event. Because the young and just beginning designers get a chance to introduce their work to the world and this provides more brand awareness, what is necessary for the beginning of a successful career.

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