Fashionalbe on the bike?

What it isThe Hovding is a new amazing product by the Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. Anna and Terese have worked 7 years on this project. The Hovding is an invisible bicycle helmet. From now on you will be save when you’re going to cycle and you  look fashionable at the same time. But how does it works??

Why it’s cool
This incredible product consists of a collar.In the collar there is a folded up airbag which will pop out when an accident takes place, sensors will pick up the abnormal movements that the bicycler will make and the airbag pops out as a sort of helmet which will fully protect your head. The collar  is fashionable and has a great looking design, it’s  not heavy so you it won’t hurt when you wear it. I think it’s an amazing product because a lot of people, including myself, won’t wear a helmet on a bicycle because it looks silly. But now you look fashionable on your bike  and it will save you life when it’s necessary!

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