The PreVue!

What it is
Melody Shiue is the designer of this incredible product, called ‘ the preVue‘. The preVue is detachable and comfortable video scanner that’s literally a window into the uterus. With this product you can see your fetus the whole time during the pregnancy. Otherwise you could only see you fetus a few times on an echo during the pregnancy. The ordinary housewife can’t effort this expensive product because this design will cost a fortune.

Why it’s cool
With this product you can see every movement of your fetus and you can see your fetus smile, sleep and yawn. During the 18th week of the pregnancy the fetus will recognize the voice of his/her mother. Studies have shown that when a mother sings a particular song during the pregnancy, they can use that song after the birth to calm down the baby when it cries. That means that adaptive learning begins in the uterus. The father and mother can also see how the fetus responds on their voices, music and specific rubbings on the tummy. This is a amazing invention for the mothers and fathers. This invention ensures that the parents be more proud on their pregnancy because they can show their unborn child to everybody in their environment.

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