Miele Catwalk Show!

After a few weeks of waiting, it was finally there: The Miele Catwalk Show. The show lasted three days, 12/13 and 14 september and I was there to help as a modeldresser!! The show was made by Danie Bles, she styled the whole clothingsets that were based on the washprograms by Miele. I was enormously excited about it and curious what I could expected in these three days..

Wednesday 12 september
I was expected around 11:45 am. When everybody has arrived, we got an explanation what they expected from us and what we had to do for these 3 days. All the modeldressers had to pick a model, this was the model that you had to dress for these 3 days. When everybody picked a model, we begun to start with the fitting of the 6 outfits. Danie was checking every model when she was dressed because you needed her approval. Sometimes she added an extra accessory to the outfit, so it was going to look perfect on the runway.

After the fitting, I had to tape the shoes otherwise the sole would be damaged on the catwalk. This was a heavy job because some of the soles had a very difficult pattern that you had to tape. You had to make sure that the public did’nt see any of the tape, but the sole had to be completely covered. After an hour or something I was finished with this job and I could grab some dinner with the girls.

Around 5 o’clock the models had their general rehearsal. Danie was watching the rehearsal to make sure that the models were posing well and if their walk was ok. The rehearsal went well and the models had to go to the make up artits to get ready for the show. The make up of the models was very beautiful and their hair was stunning.

At 18.30 the first show was about to start. Everybody was nervous and excited how the show would go. I helped to dress my model into her first outfit which was a Moncler. After I did this, my model had to stand into the row for the last make up check. And now the show was about to start..

Meanwhile, I quickly hung my second outfit ready, so it would’nt cost me any time later. Because you have only 2 minutes to undress your model and  dress your model again. You think 2 minutes is enough time, but believe me times flies! If you were’nt fast enought, someone immediately helped you because there was no time to lose. When you dressed your model into the next outfit, they run to the make up artitst for their last make up check for the next round and before they can hit the runway, Danie checked the whole model one extra time.
During the last round I could breathe relieved because everything went well.

You can’t imagine how many chaos their is backstage during the show. The make up artists are running back and forth, the clothes are flying around and the models come and go. I think you can’t prepare yourself for the chaos. The only thing I know is that you have to be immune for stress. Luckely everything went well, I did’nt forget any piece of the outfit, I stayed calm and I kept the clothes whole..

Everybody was happy when the first show was a success and it gave an enormous great feeling when Danie and her team were satisfied!

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