Londen Fashion week!

1,5 week ago the Londen fashion week started and I got the chance to be there! 17 and 18 september I went to the Fashion week. I was nervous and excited at the same time because I was living one of my dreams. In the morning I flew to Londen Standsted airport. When I was arrived in Londen I went directly to the hotel to fresh up and get ready for the Fashion week.

At 14:00 I was expected backstage at the Mark Fast Fashionshow. When I was arrived, I saw there was a very relaxed atmosphere backstage, it looked like nobody was stressed out. There were a lot of people in a very small room, like models, hairdressers, make up artists, modeldressers and a lot of press.

You could see that there was a ‘chef the cabine’ (Nick Irwin)  of the hairdressers and one of the make up artists etc. For example: Nick Irwin showed how you must do the hair of your model. Everybody was quiet and listened attentively. When he needed a shear pin, a brush, a hairdryer or anything else someone immediately gave it to him without a doubt. This scenario was exactly the same with the make up artists. It was very impressive to see that everybody was so silent and full of intention when their boss was speaking.

In the meanwhile, the modeldressers were very busy to collect and select all the items that the models had to wear. They hung all the clothes on the clothingracks, every model had one rack for herself. At the rack was a photo of every model and a photo of the clothes they would wear. It was very inspiring to see all of this, because the week before I was a modeldresser at the fashionshow of Danie Bles and I saw many comparisons backstage at Mark Fast.

The PA of Mark Fast was constantly walking around to make sure that everything was going well. The designer himself went by sometimes to look if everthing went ok.

The general rehearsal was at four o’clock. The general rehearsal is very important for a fashion show, because the models can practice their walk (on their very high heels!), the soundcheck of the music and the designer can see if the lights are ok. I immediately saw that a few models had difficulties with their heels. Hopefully this won’t be an issue later..

At the last moment the PA of Mark Fast told me that I could take a seat to see the show! I was so excited because that was not the intention ( I had to see the show backstage and not front row). This would be my first fashion show in real life!! I had no idea what I could aspect but within 20 minutes the show was about to start!

In the meanwhile there were a lot of paparazzi, celeberties (as designer Kelly Brook and  Pixie Lott) and more public. The lights turned on and the show was about to start. You heared the enthusiastic audience, music, you saw a lot of  lights and the models were walking on the catwalk one by one. Luckely not one of the models falled! The clothes that the models wore were very beautiful. After the models walked the finally the designer came for 2 seconds on the catwalk and he received a warm applause.

I am so thankful that I had this opportunity and I have learned a lot of this great experience. This was my first Fashion week but definitely not my last..

Here is an impression of the Londen Fashion week!

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