Free gym!

What it is
One month ago I was on a citytrip in the wonderfull city Valencia. I was in the famous parc called the ‘ Turia parc‘. In the middle of the parc there was an outdoor fitnesscentre. These kind of outdoor gyms are already located in Spain, France and China but not in the Netherlands. But why are this kind of outsite workouts not in the Netherlands?

Why it’s cool
This outdoor gyms are an amazing product for the consumers. You can do your workout in the middle of the nature. You don’t have to go to an indoor sportcentre anymore. The pure air has a bracing effect on the digestion, the quality of the blood, the nerves, on the brains, and on the overall organism. Fresh air is one of the first essential factors for health. So the government should encourage the outdoor fitnesscentres. The workout that you can do outsite is completely for free. So you don’t have to pay to go to the gym anymore. The economic crisis has ensured that many people have to save their money on many things. Now sport is one of the things where the people no longer have to pay for. The young people have a very busy life(with their study and jobs) nowadays. Therefore their health is often not one of the first things they take care of.¬† With these outdoor fitnesscenters they aren’t limited by the time because they can go whenever they want, if it’s 09:00 am or 23:00 pm. These fitnesscentres has also benefits for the health insurances. Obese is increasing in this society and you can get a lot of diseases because of it. The more people suffer from obese, the more expensive the health insurances is going to be. So this fitness workout outsite is the perfect solution for many problems. So Holland where are you waiting for?

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