Push ups leader!

What it is
I found an awesome app called ‘ Push ups leader’  This app is a great example of web 2.0. Web 2.0 are interactive webapplications on the internet for example facebook or apps. With the Push ups leader app you train your triceps, biceps and chestmuscles. The app has a programm for 4 weeks and in a while you can do more then a hunderd push ups. It’s not only good for your muscles but also for your condition.

Why it’s cool
With this app you no longer have to count your push ups because now your iphone will do that for you. Each week there are 3 days that you must do your work out so after 12 work outs you have a great basic. The app automaticly makes a graph of your perforamce so after a while you must see a rising line. The app also has lovely sounds that you can play during your work out and you have your own training dairy. Now you can do the work out everywhere you want!


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