Taking Caire!

What it is
Caire is a self organization on the web in the future. The intentions of Caire are to take care of eachother. Caire is a fantistic idea because the health insurance will cost more money in the future and with Caire your organize your own care. For example you can ask somebody on the caire site (wich consist of your own family and friends) to bring you to the hospital but on the other hand the can ask you. In this way everybody can be a part of taking care of eachother.

Why it’s cool
This is a very attractive way to take care of eachother. The care recipient doesn’t have to feel quilty to ask help on the community because the PROVIDER will indeed recognition and reward in the way of Caire smiles en Caire miles wich he/she can use when he/she needs help. Secondly you ask help from the people who belong in your social life who you love and trust. On the Caire web you ask your question to your own community and they can decide iff they can mean anything for you so on that moment so you don’t ask your question on the same person all the time.
Hopefully the http://www.Caire.nu will be the innovative matter in care!



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